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2018 Exhibition – The Sands of Time at Elie

On 3-4 August the History Society is holding an exhibition in Elie Church Hall entitled “The Sands of Time in Elie”. The intention is to cover all aspects of the history of the beaches and their uses. For example, we will highlight the donkeys operated by Bob Haig, the CSSM,…

Polish Paratroopers

polishparaspt1 polishparaspart2   To play these files double click on the file and it will offer to save or download.  Then play on your normal video player.  For apple mac users you may need an app that plays .avi files.

Oh Dear Me / The Jute Mill Song

Of all the poems and songs that are associated with Mary Brooksbank, the Jute Mill Song or Oh Dear Me is probably the best known. Based on a single traditional verse, which she adapted as the chorus, she managed to capture a lot more about life than just the hardships…

Chairman’s Newsletter – May 2017

Chairmans Newsletter May 2017

Doom Park aka Dome Park Earlsferry

Dome or Doom Park Earlsferry The area of ground stretching from the top of the road at Chapel Green round the point as far as the road down to West Bay across the golf course and the area currently occupied by Earlsneuk and Craigforth houses was at one time the…


The ‘Mars Training Ship for Homeless and Destitute Boys’ was moored on the river Tay at Woodhaven harbour, Wormit, Fife from 1869 to 1929. The growth of major cities, due to the expansion of mills and the availability of thousands of jobs, drew in people from all over Scotland and…


Following a query from Etienne Rogier about “indigo mills” at Elie, and discussion with Graham Johnston of the Elie and Earlsferry History Society, investigations were carried out as far as the evidence allowed. The source of the information is a brief paragraph in the Practical Mechanic’s Journal, series 2, volume…

LOCAL WORTHIES – Jean Redpath MBE (1937-2014)

Internationally regarded as the pre-eminent interpreter of Scots song, Jean Redpath has taken the ballads of her home country and particularly the songs of Robert Burns onto stages from the Lincoln Center, New York to Sydney Opera House and from Alaska to South America and Hong Kong. Jean was a…

The Rock Formations Around Elie Bay

A fantastic new resource has been produced with the aim of being the definitive guide to the many rock formations and bays along the Elie and Earlsferry coastline. This magnificent piece of work has been prepared by Steve Blaney with information from Jimmy Linton, Philip Scott and Albert Lawrie. We are grateful to them…

The Life of Thomas Buist – a Fife photographer

The story of Thomas Buist by Michael T. Tracy, his Third Great Nephew. Click link below to open story.  A Fife Photographer The Life of Thomas Buist