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Polish Paratroopers

Polish Paras – Part 1

Polish Paras – Part 2

To play these files double click on the file and it will offer to save or download.  Then play on your normal video player.  For apple mac users you may need an app that plays .avi files.

6 thoughts on “Polish Paratroopers

  1. Thank you… My father was soldier of gen. Sosabowski.
    I was in Elie (Leven and Largo) some years ago, with Alistair Suttie…

  2. I can remember living in Earlsferry when the Polish were training as Paratroopers, there was an aircraft fuselarge on what was then the Ladies Course. My mother an I were living with my grandparents after we were bombed out living in Croyden.
    I mostly remember living in Georgeville next to the Garage by the fourth tee, the night that the Polish occupants billeted in The Marne set fire to it, I was looking out of the fanlight window in the roof across the Golf Course, this must have been shortly before they went to Arnhem.

  3. I am under the impression there is a memorial plaque for the Polish paratroopers somewhere in Elie or Earlsferry

  4. Regarding the aircraft fuselage on the golf course my recollection is that it was the fuselage of a glider. During world war 2 British and probably Polish airborne forces used gliders to transport heavy equipment. The gliders were towed by powered aircraft. As a very small boy I was allowed to sit in the cockpit of what I took to be a glider lying on Elie golf course. Ian Kennedy

  5. Very nice film clips. My father was a para in the Polish Brigade. I was in Leven for the 70th anniversary of Of the drop near Arnhem. It was a heartwarming celebration extended by the people of Leven under the leadership of Alistair Suttie.

  6. Our fathers must have known each other; both trained in Leven; my father as RSM Wojciech Kormicki now deceased.

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