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The Last Shop in Earlsferry

This fascinating article is based on a talk about the Obarski Family given by Irene Stevenson to the Elie and Earlsferry History Society on 13 February 2020. It is published, with the kind permission of Irene, to coincide with the VE75 commemorations, which is very apt. It is well worth a read!

5 thoughts on “The Last Shop in Earlsferry

  1. Very interesting and moving account

  2. Really interesting. I remember the shop and post office well. Always first port of call to buy a bucket and spade and fishing net!

  3. I well recall the Obarski family, but I also remember the shop beside Tony’s café as Inez Moat’s. Would this have been 1950s?

  4. I lived in Earlsferry for the first 8 years of my life until 1957 at Aldersyde, High Street. Next door was my paternal granny at Nelson Cottage. The Smith family had a joinery business in the village for two generations. My grandfather John Nelson Smith was an extremely good golfer who won the Scottish Amateur championship in the 1930s.
    I went to Elie Primary school with Andrew Obarski and also remember the shop and post office very well. A fascinating trip down memory lane

  5. My family and I used to come to Earlsferry on holiday during the 1960s and stayed in Aldersyde. I have so many happy memories of our times there. Earlsferry in those days was full of shops. My brother and I used to watch for the baker’s van coming up from Boullet’s main shop in Elie, to deliver rolls to their shop in Earlsferry, which was across the road from Aldersyde. Best rolls I’ve ever tasted!

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