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2018 Exhibition – The Sands of Time at Elie

On 3-4 August the History Society is holding an exhibition in Elie Church Hall entitled “The Sands of Time in Elie”. The intention is to cover all aspects of the history of the beaches and their uses.
For example, we will highlight the donkeys operated by Bob Haig, the CSSM, the flora and fauna of the beach, the chain walk, fishing, yachting and exhibits about the shells, seaweed, etc. As well as the old, we also want to cover the new Рthe skiff, the windsurfers, the kitesurfers and absolutely anything to do with the beach in the past (which means anything before yesterday!).
We would also like to put together a series of photographs about families on the beach building sandcastles, relaxing, playing rounders, or whatever was your fancy.

As well as photographs we would appreciate the loan of any video or cine film footage. We will arrange conversion to digital and return everything we borrow after copying.

Please pass anything you can let us have to any member of the society committee or hand in to Margaret in the library, making sure to put your contact details with them.

Thank you in advance.

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