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Toll Green Ownership

Further research by the History Society has shown that Fife Council owns Toll Green; but the question remains as to whether this should have been included in the Common Good Fund when that list was established by Fife Council.  Read full document using link below.

The Earlsferry Golf Club Makers and Professional Golfers

Researched and compiled by Graham Johnston By the  middle of the 19th Century golf had started to become a sport of aristocrats.  It was expensive since all golf clubs were hand made by craftsmen usually joiners and golf course facilities were likely to be more available to the moneyed and landed classes rather…

Holiday Memories of Elie & Earlsferry

By David Pearson (Author’s note: I was inspired to put pen to paper after reading Pat Andrew’s piece, which stirred all kinds of memories. My family holidayed in Elie every summer from 1951-65, and then in 1968. They were the happiest of times and I’ve tried to ensure in my piece…

The Last Shop in Earlsferry

This fascinating article is based on a talk about the Obarski Family given by Irene Stevenson to the Elie and Earlsferry History Society on 13 February 2020. It is published, with the kind permission of Irene, to coincide with the VE75 commemorations, which is very apt. It is well worth…

Important Notice

It will not come as a surprise to know that we in the History Society have decided to comply with government policy, from whichever parliament it emanates. So the rest of our “season” is cancelled, including the outing. Also, we have postponed the exhibition in August – whilst we appreciate that…

Evening Talk 11 Apr 19

Evening Talk by Andrew Kerr – The Surrender and Internment of the German High Fleet

On the 21st November 1918 the German High Seas Fleet surrendered to the Allies at the Firth of Forth. The anchorage on the Forth was merely the first stop for the fleet to ensure complete disarmament; the fleet would subsequently be interned at Scapa Flow a few days later. Just…

Evening Talk – Letters to Elie – 14 Feb 19

Graham Meacher, former Subpostmaster of Elie, has put together a very interesting talk about the history of the local postal service and how it fitted in with the national network. The talk covers the evolution of the local mail, telegraph and telephone services provided by the GPO from the earliest…

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Chairman’s Newsletter – April 2018

Click on the link below to open the pdf file and read the Newsletter: Newsletter Apr 18