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Names taken from local newspapers and Council Minutes 1914 and early 1915

Researched and compiled by Alan Provan. Published in August 2014 to mark the Centenary of The Great War


Adams, Ord. Muircambus Lieutenant.   Royal Field Artillery

Affleck, William G. Rankeillor Street. Bank Accountant. Private. Canadian Corps.

Affleck, George B. Rankeillor Street. Painter. 7th Black Watch Territorials.

Aitken, William. Earlsferry. VS. Lieutenant. Army Service Corps.

Aitken, James. Earlsferry. Bank Clerk. Private. 7th Black Watch Territorials

Allan, Robert. Chapman’s Place. Private. 6th Black Watch Territorials

Anderson, James M. Golf Professional. Glencoe Villa, Elie. Private. 6th Black Watch Territorials

Anderson, George M. Joiner. Glencoe Villa, Elie. Private. 6th Black Watch Territorials

Allan, James. Bank Accountant. Chapman’s Place. Private. Canadian Expeditionary Force.

Allan, William. Bank Clerk. Bank Street, Elie. Gunner. 2/1 Argyle Mounted Battery 2/4 Highland Brigade R.G.A. Rothesay.

Allan, Andrew. Carter. 53 High Street, Elie. 107566 43rd Coy. B. Sub. R.G.A. Port Carlisle Fort, County Cork.

Allan, Andrew. Junior. Ploughman. Bank Street, Elie. Private. No. 12666 41st T.R. E Coy. Dunfermline.


Baird, William J Younger of Elie. Elie House. Lieutenant 12th Lancers.

Barr, James. Park Place. Clerk. Private. 7th Black Watch Territorials

Baird, William J. Younger of Elie House, Elie. Lieutenant. 12th Lancers.

Bell, David. Wadeslea. Baker. Private. 7th Black Watch Territorials.

Bell, Charles. Wadeslea. Private. 7th Black Watch Territorials.

Bell, John H. Archbald House. Royal Navy. Telegraphist. HMS Laburnum.

Braid, Raymond J P. Motor Engineer. High Street. Lance Corporal Highland Cyclists Brigade.

Bruce, Robert. Bank Street. Plumber. Private. 7th Black Watch Territorials.

Bowers, Andrew. Vanman. South Street, Elie. Private. 3rd Army service Corps.

Bruce, John. Plumber. Bank Street. Private. 302 Co. A.S.C. Motor Transport.

Baiu, John. L. Painter. High Street, Elie. Private. 21st Battalion C.E.F.

Braid, Oswald G P. Baker. High Street, Elie. Private. Highland Cyclist Brigade.

Bruce, John. Plumber. High Street, Elie. 113711 Motor Transport ASC 6th Divisional Supply Column B.E.F.

Bruce, John. Grocer. Links Place, Earlsferry. Pte. 16386 13th A&SH Dunfermline


Campbell, Robert J. Admiralty Square, Elie. Driver. 51st Royal field Artillery.

Cheeseman, Edgar. Town Officer. High Street, Earlsferry. Coastguard.

Crowley, James. Golf Professional. St Clair Cottage, Earlsferry. Private. 8th East Lancs. Regiment

Crowley, Jack. Golf Professional. St Clair Cottage, Earlsferry. Private. 17th H.L.I.

Clark, James. Electrician. Marine Hotel, Elie. Corporal. Signal Depot R.E. Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire.

Cameron, Robert. Painter. Earlsferry. Trooper. Scots Greys.

Cameron, James. Slater. Links Road, Earlsferry. Pte. 167790 R.E.


Donaghy, John. Allan Place. Engineer. Private. 7th Black Watch Territorials.

Dunsire, John H. Chauffeur. German’s Wynd, Earlsferry. Private. 16th Royal Scots.

Dunsire, David. Motor Mechanic. Selina Villa, German’s Wynd, Earlsferry. The Royal Flying Corps.


Fenton, George. Motor Engineer. Hypericum, Elie. 12th Cycle Coy. Attached 116 Coy. A.S.C. France

Fenton, William. Motor Engineer. Hypericum, Elie. 4th Battn. Royal Warwickshire Regiment.


Given, John. The Vennel. Telegraphist. Army Postal Department.

Given, William. The Vennel. Telegraphist. Army Postal Department.

Given, Alexander. The Vennel. Private. 1st Scots Guards.

Given, David A. Clubmaker. The Vennel. Private. Army Service Corps.

Gordon, Archibald. The Toft. Gardener. Private. Scottish Rifles Territorials

Gordon, George. The Toft. Baker. Private. 7th Black Watch Territorials

Gordon, John. The Toft. Baker. Private. 7th Black Watch Territorials

Gordon, Thomas. The Toft. Private. Australian Expeditionary Force

Greenfield, Thomas C. B.Sc. Bank Street. 2nd Lieutenant Royal Engineers

Greenfield, J Godwin. doctor. Lieutenant R.A.M.C.

Guthrie, Charles. Kincraig. Ploughman. Private. 7th Black Watch Territorials

Greig, David B. Motor Mechanic. High Street, Elie. Lance Corpl. Field Ambulance & Workshop Unit, Tennington.


Harris, Leonard. Baker. Earlsneuk Lodge, Earlsferry. Private. R.A.M.C.

Hastings, William. Grocer. High Street, Elie. Pte. A Co. 3rd Battn. Cameron Highlanders

Herd, Andrew. Telegraphist. Links Road, Earlsferry. Signaller 25th Battn. 7th Infantry Brigade AEF

Henderson, Alexander. Greenkeeper. Elfin Cottage, Earlsferry. Private. 11th Black Watch.


Kay, Thomas. Vanman. The Vennel, Elie. Private. No. 129814 RFA No.3 Depot Citadel Plymouth.

Kennedy, Peter. Gardner. Elie Lodge, Elie. Private. 13th A&SH


Ireland, George. Baker. School Wynd, Elie. Private. R.A.M.C.


Jamieson, W. Stamford, High Street. Factor’s Clerk. Trooper. 1st Lovat Scouts

Jamieson, Allan. High Street. Engineer. Private. 9th Royal Scots

Jackson, Adam. Vanman. Bayview, Earlsferry. Private. Canadian Expeditionary Force

Jamieson J Leonard. Law Clerk. Sauchie House, Elie. Private. 14th A&SH


Lowson, David. Bank Street. Trooper. 10th Hussars

Lowson, Robert. Bank Street. Gunner. Royal Field Artillery

Lowson, Charles. Bank Street. Gunner. Royal Garrison Artillery

Lowson, James. Bank Street. Post Carrier. Private. 7th Black Watch Territorials

Lamb, Thomas. South Street, Elie. Seaman. R.N.R.

Levack, Robert. City of Aberdeen Brigade, R.F.A.

Levack, Allan, R.F.A.

Livingstone, William. Barman. BraeKnowe, Elie. 5351 2/6th Forth R.G.A. Rosyth


McCallum, Thomas. High Street. Miner. Private. 7th A&SH Territorials

McCallum, William. High Street. Journeyman Butcher. Private. 7th Black Watch Territorials

Mackie, Alexander. Links Road. Clerk. Private. 7th Black Watch Territorials

Monteith, Rev. W N. High Street. Trooper. Fife & Forfar Yeomanry afterwards Lieutenant. 6th Rifle Brigade

Moon, William. High Street. Engineer. Lieutenant. Highland Cyclist Brigade

Mackie, John B. Dairyman. Links Road, Earlsferry. Private. 14131 3rd Black Watch.

Mackie, Andrew. Stationer. Strathneuk, Earlsferry. Private. 5207 2/7 Black Watch.

MacIntosh, W Mossman. Book Keeper. The Vennel, Elie. Sergeant Instructor. 225 Battn. C.E.F.


Neill, David. German’s Wynd. Joiner. Private. 7th Black Watch Territorials

Neill, George. The Toft. Factor’s Clerk. Sergeant. 7th Black Watch Territorials

Neill, John A. Chauffeur. German’s Wynd, Earlsferry. Gunner. Midlothian Battery RFA


Ovenstone, William J. Gardener. Links Place, Elie. Private. 2/9th Royal Scots

Oldman, George. High Street. Engineer. Lance-Corpl. 7th Black Watch Territorials

Oldman, James. High Street. Joiner. Lance Corporal. 7th Black Watch Territorials

Orr Paterson, William. South Street. Captain & Adjutant. 1st East Lancashire Regiment

Orr Paterson, Richard. South Street. Lieutenant. 6th Squadron Royal Flying Corps.


Park, Francis E Carlyle. Earlsferry House. Private. Royal Scots

Pearson, Joseph. German’s Wynd. Sapper. 30th Royal Engineers

Pearson, John. German’s Wynd. Labourer. Lance-Corporal. 11th Royal Scots

Pearson, Robert. Earlsferry. Mason. Private. 7th Black Watch Territorials

Pearson, Alexander. Joiner. Castwell Wynd, Earlsferry. Private. 6th Black Watch Territorials

Pearson, David. School Wynd, Elie. Sergeant. Highland Light Infantry

Poustie, William. High Street. Gunner. HMS Royal George afterwards HMS Foyle

Pearson, Andrew. Clubmaker. The Vennel, Elie. Private. Sportsman Battalion

Pearson, William. Fireman. Toll Green. No.2 Company 4th Royal Garrison Artillery.

Pearson, Robert. Mason. Castwell Wynd, Earlsferry. Private. 26030 Naval Labour Section A.S.C. Naval Huts, ??, PO2 B.E.F.

Pearson, George. Ostler. School Wynd, Elie. Driver Royal Engineers.

Pope, William Edward. Coastguard station. Footman. Lance Corpl. 10th King’s Royal Rifles

Poustie, George. Woodcarver. 15 South Street, Elie. Bandsman. 71 Battalion C.E.F.

Poulton, Samuel J. Steward. Golf House Club Elie. No. 16975 Chef. Officers Mess “A” Coy. A&SH Dunfermline.


Ramsay, Robert. Broomlees. Ploughman. Private. 7th Black Watch Territorials

Robb, Andrew. Earlsferry. Chauffeur. Stoker. HMS Exmouth.

Robb, Alexander. Motor Mechanic. High Street, Earlsferry. Pte. Royal Flying Corps.

Ritch, Hugh S. Bank Accountant. Lynnwood, Elie. 152151 Dispatch Rider. R.E. Dunstable


Scott, Andrew. Vanman. Rotten Row, Elie. Driver. Army Transport Corps.

Shanes, Samuel. Park Place. Tailor. Private. 7th Black Watch Territorials.

Short, James H. Earlsferry. Motor Engineer. Private Highland Cyclist Brigade.

Short, John H. Earlsferry. Lieutenant. HMS Nereide.

Sime, William. The Vennel. Electrician. Seaman. HMS Triumph.

Simpson, Walter. Mason. Earlsferry. Private. Sportsman’s Battalion

Smith, Thomas. Joiner. Earlsferry. Lance-Corpl. 7th Black Watch National Reserve.

Stutter, W H. Rankeillor Street. Trooper. 5th Dragoon Guards.

Swankie, Wm. German’s Wynd. Stoker. HMS Eden.

Smith Dr. A L Pentland. St Regulus, Elie. Lieut. RAMC The Castle, Edinburgh.

Sunter, Alexander. Clubmaker. Durham Cottage, Earlsferry. Pte. 23665 B. Co. 9th ? O.S.B. Kinghorn

Scott, David. Golf Clubmaker. High Street, Earlsferry. No.18154 Private. 3rd Black Watch.


Thomson, Andrew M. Barman. The Toft, Elie. Driver. 3rd Section 27th Reserve Park 99th Coy. ASC

Thomson, John. The Toft. Chauffeur. Private. 5th Cameron Highlanders.

Thomson, James. The Toft. Baker. Private. 10th Highland Light Infantry.

Thomson, Samuel N. Baker. The Toft. Private. 7th Black Watch Territorials

Thomson, Robert. Letter Carrier. The Toft, Elie. Private. 7th Black Watch National Reserve

Thomson, Harry. Plumber. Toft Cottages, Elie. Private. Highland Light Infantry.

Thomson, William. Gardner. Elie House. Private. 3rd Black Watch

Thomson, David. Fisherman. The Toft. Seaman. Mine Sweeper

Thomson, T B Steward. Toft, Elie. HMS Southland 8620

Thomson, Wakelin H. Joiner. The Toft, Elie. Private. 1st Glasgow Field Coy. Royal Engineers

Thomson, Alexander. Painter. Toft, Elie. Private. R.E.

Thomson, Wm. Plumber. Links Road, Earlsferry. Private (killed)


Webster, James. High Street. Private. Royal Marine Artillery

Webster, David. Painter. German’s Wynd, Earlsferry. Private. 4th Black Watch Territorials.

Webster, William George. Plasterer. German’s Wynd. Private. 6th Black Watch Territorials.

Webster, William. Fisherman. Ferry Road, Earlsferry. Pte. 3rd Black Watch.


Young, John. Mason. High Street, Earlsferry. Private. Scots Guards.




  1. I have a strange incident to relate regarding this list. My father was called George Neill, and on our frequent family holidays to Elie (where my mother’s people came from – their family name was Dick) we used to note the name of another George Neill on the Elie war memorial. My father, who died in 1984, was Admissions Officer in the Medical Faculty at Edinburgh University. One day an American called into the office to enquire about the possibility of his son studying medicine at Edinburgh. He introduced himself to my father as George Neill, and turned out to be the son of the George Neill on the Elie war memorial!

  2. I have just found this page and can add a little information to a couple of names in the list. James M (MacKay) Anderson and George M (MacKay) Anderson were brothers, and first cousins of my grandfather. I was aware that James was killed in action and have a tiny photograph of him in his Black Watch cap. I have been searching for his brother George to no avail, so this has cleared up the mystery.

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