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Rails to Elie

The story of the railway line to Elie – by Graham Meacher

This is a video of a PowerPoint presentation, which last for 22 minutes – please CLICK HERE to start.

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There is another video, also produced by the History Society, describing the coming of the railway to Elie. This includes a re-enactment by local thespians from Elie portraying how some of the conversations may have gone around 1860 when discussing the proposal for a railway. To watch this please CLICK HERE.

3 thoughts on “Rails to Elie

  1. Very interesting video. My father, John Todd was the last Station Master in residence at Elie and we lived in the Station House. I would be very grateful if anyone has any more information, recollections or photographs of the time we lived there. Happy to come along to Elie History Society.

  2. My parents when they sold the family house in the Terrace moved to Baird Place no 4 sometimes there used to hit the platform when digging. Next door is whistle Know after the old sign. I remember coming in and out of the station in the early 60s (but only just) very well presented talk, glad the original line was signed off by a sapper

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed this excellent journey through the Fife railways. Getting a through train from Edinburgh to Elie was an exciting experience; the smell of the linoleum works at Kirkcaldy,the statue of Pet Marjorie in the graveyard that we passed ,the little humped bridge that told us that Elie and holidays were near.It was never so enjoyable when we had to change at Thornton Junction.Another train memory I have is of the train at Guardbridge that took us to St Andrews it almost seem to be driving over the sands..Thank you for that glimpse of the past

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