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The Rock Formations Around Elie Bay

A fantastic new resource has been produced with the aim of being the definitive guide to the many rock formations and bays along the Elie and Earlsferry coastline. This magnificent piece of work has been prepared by Steve Blaney with information from Jimmy Linton, Philip Scott and Albert Lawrie. We are grateful to them all for sharing this resource. Please click on the link below to open.

Rocks in Elie Area

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  1. My grandfather’s people came from Elie. (Their surname was Dick.) I notice a ‘Rumlin Gut’ marked off Chapel Ness. Our family used to call the ‘Rumbling Gut’ the subterranean channel that cuts through the flat shelf north west of Sauchar Point and emerges in a deep trench about 20 feet long and 6 wide. At certain states of the tide there used to be a rumbling sound caused by trapped pockets of air. It can look quite eerie just before the rising tide submerges the shelf.

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