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Local Quiz

Test your knowledge of local history with this quiz (answers below)

  1. What have the following Elie people in common – William Duddingston, William James & Andrew Wood?
  2. Where were the first premises of Elie and Earlsferry Sailing Club?
  3. Garland, Thomson and Reekie et al used to rent out what during the summer months?
  4. Going west to east, what is the missing wynd: Glovers Wynd, …….?……., Cadgers Wynd?
  5. What were the names of the two villages between Elie and Earlsferry?
  6. Which hole on the golf course is called “Doctors”?
  7. For whom was, what became the Golf Hotel and then Golf Court, built? And bonus point if you can say what its first name was?
  8. What used to occupy the field to the north of the school and where the telephone exchange is now in the summer 50s and 60s?
  9. What was the name of the village ordered to be destroyed by Lady Anstruther?
  10. What was there at Ruddens point that used to exercise the military?
  11. Name the missing cave – McDuff, …..?……, Devils?
  12. What is the bay next to Ruby Bay properly called?
  13. What is now Braids, used to be Braids – what was it in between?
  14. What are holes 1, 2, 3 and 18 of the golf course known as?
  15. Where did Mr Fortune have his farm?
  16. What is the name of the area of ground at chapel green behind the curved stone wall?
  17. The Elie and Earlsferry crest has two dates on it: one is 1589, what is the other?
  18. In 1944 Polish paratroopers stationed in E&E were deployed to which battle?
  19. Where was the air-raid siren in Earlsferry?
  20. What were Earlsknowe and The Marne used for during the Second World War?
  21. What was the function of the small building on the hill beside the quarry and to the east of the back road to Earlsferry during World War 2?
  22. How many large guns were pointing out into the Forth from Kincraig point?
  23. What was the sport of The Hercules club?
  24. What was the sport of the Crusaders?
  25. There was a sign on the wall of the Victoria Hotel which had a St Andrews cross on it – what were the words around the cross?

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Answers to Local History Quiz

  1. They were all admirals
  2. Bayview Café, next to the Ship Inn
  3. Beach huts
  4. Castwell Wynd
  5. Liberty and Williamsburgh
  6. The 5th hole
  7. It was built for Dr or Prof Greenfield and called ‘Kirkbrae’
  8. A fun fair
  9. Bucklevie
  10. A rifle range
  11. Doos cave
  12. Woodhaven Bay
  13. The Station Buffet
  14. Melon Park.
  15. Muircambus.
  16. Doom or Dome Park (also called Earlsferry Abbey)
  17. 1598
  18. Arnhem
  19. On top of the Town Hall
  20. Billets for Polish paratroopers
  21. A former Royal Observer Corps observation post
  22. Three
  23. Curling
  24. Football
  25. “Royal Scottish Automobile Club”

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  1. The quiz brought back memories of the days I attended Elie School during WW2. Ian Johnston.

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